Meridian Land Services

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I determine which services I may need and is there a cost to receive a proposal?

For smaller projects, we can generally review the property information, our past project database & any required permits/approvals, then respond with our evaluation of our recommended services for your consideration – our response is generally less than one day, and can offer our short form contract for your authorization. For larger projects, a more in depth review may be necessary, but a similar process is undertaken and a formal proposal is issued for your authorization. Regardless of project size, our initial review & consultation is free.

What tasks and permits/approvals may be required?

Since the wide range of services which we offer is varied, so are the potential tasks and any required permits/approvals. We typically identify the major tasks we anticipate performing and identify the likely permits/approval which may be required. This is referred to as our Scope of Services.

How much time will my project take?

Expected project duration is entirely dependent upon the required scope. While we can control those tasks which are solely within our domain, other influences such as weather and permitting/approvals may take longer than you would like. Our anticipated start and completion Schedule will be provided.

How much will my project cost?

We will provide you with one of three cost options:

  • Time & Materials, which is direct labor costs plus reimbursable expenses.
  • Time & Materials / Not To Exceed, which has a defined upper cap.
  • Lump Sum, which is a set cost regardless of the actual labor & reimbursables.

We typically do not directly pay for application fees, sub-consultants, site contractors, or as otherwise identified in the contract or proposal.

When will I be invoiced and what are the payment terms?

We generally invoice monthly, with payment due upon receipt and we accept cash, check or Mastercard & Visa. Our payment terms are noted within our contract or proposal.