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Soil and Wetland Services

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Meridian Land Services, Inc. offers a full scope of professional Soil and Wetland related services. Our Certified Soil Scientists prepare High Intensity Soil Maps and Site Specific Soil Maps for a variety of uses, including lot sizing, septic system location, and hydrologic groups for storm water runoff calculation. Similarly, our Certified Wetlands Scientist delineate wetlands to prepare maps for identifying higher value wetlands on your property to help you avoid environmentally sensitive areas and develop a better project design. Through experience, regulatory knowledge, and foresight, we provide our clients with a smoother permitting process. Our Staff includes Licensed Professionals for MA, NH & ME, Apprentices and Project Managers.

Services provided by the soil & wetland staff include:


  • Delineation of Jurisdictional Wetlands
  • Permit Narratives and Mitigation Evaluation & Proposals
  • Functional Assessments, Monitoring and Ranking of Wetlands based on Functions and Values
    • Vernal Pool Identification, Documentation and Ranking
    • US Fish and Wildlife Classification of Wetlands and Wetland Systems


  • Site Specific Soil Mapping and Reporting
  • High Intensity Soil Mapping and Reporting
  • Soil Evaluations for Septic Systems, Recharge Basins and Infiltration Basins
    • Permeability Testing for Drainage Recharge Design (Ksat)


  • Wetlands Permits
  • Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act Permitting
  • Water Resource Management Plans and Reports


  • Site Walks to Evaluate Development Potential
  • Meetings to Discuss Permitting Needs and Regulatory HurdlesWetland and Soil
  • Concept Evaluations Based on Site Conditions and Permitting


  • Erosion Control Monitoring
  • Construction Inspections and Reporting as Required
  • Bid Document Preparation, Solicitation and Management for Restoration and Creation Sites


  • Expert Witness Testimony

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